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Why Updating Your Faucet & Sink Is an Important Part of Kitchen Renovation August 31, 2016

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
Why Updating Your Faucet & Sink Is an Important Part of Kitchen Renovation, Honolulu, Hawaii

The sink isn’t often the first thing a person thinks of when it’s time for a kitchen renovation, but if your last update was several years ago, it’s worth it. Regardless of whether you’re making major or minor changes, a simple kitchen fixture update works wonders. Creative Plumbing, a team of Honolulu-based plumbers, tackles these kitchen remodeling projects all the time.

Here’s why they highly recommend updating your faucets and sinks:

  • kitchen renovationIt’s Your Landlord’s Responsibility: Obviously, this is true if you’re a renter. If your sink or faucet has seen far better days but you’re otherwise happy to stay in your current home, it would be reasonable to ask your landlord to for a replacement. Depending on your tenant-to-landlord relationship, you may even be able to choose your preferred sink or faucet. Which would improve your living style the most?

  • Help Accommodate for Your Growing Household: Even the most well-maintained households will experience kitchen sink backup if they have enough mouths to feed. If your sink quickly fills with dishes every night and just isn’t quite up to the task of accommodating for your family, it’s absolutely worth it to upgrade. Now is your opportunity upgrade to a bigger, better, or more efficient model.

  • Improve Your Kitchen Design: There’s more to a kitchen renovation than updating the cabinets or replacing the appliances. For example, you can save a significant amount of money and effort by upgrading to a hands-free faucet. You may also want to get a more eye-catching sink that better matches the rest of your layout.

Creative Plumbing has over 38 years of experience providing Honolulu residents with kitchen renovations and more; they even help customers convert to solar water heating solutions. For more information about these Oahu-based plumbers, give them a call at (808) 841-2837, or visit their website.

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