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How to Understand Spice Levels in Thai Cuisine September 6, 2016

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
How to Understand Spice Levels in Thai Cuisine, Kahului, Hawaii

One of the biggest myths in the culinary world is that Thai food has to be overpoweringly spicy. While some dishes contain lots of fiery chilies, others focus on more mild flavors suitable for sensitive palates. Thailand Cuisine is here to share insight on spice levels in Thai food. Known as the best Thai food restaurant in Kihei and Kahului, HI, Thailand Cuisine serves curries, fresh seafood, noodles, and Asian food specialties. 

Thai cuisineThai food is a dynamic cuisine that ranges from mild and savory to spicy and zesty. To find the best dish for your preferences, it’s important to understand the varying levels of spice present in Asian food. The spiciest Thai food will contain many chilies and usually features a red color. If you crave peppery cuisine, red curry, Kung Pao chicken or shrimp, rad na noodles, and tom yum soup will leave you satiated. 

However, Thai cuisine is also suitable for people who can’t tolerate spice. Thai restaurants serve vegetable and coconut-based dishes that present a rich flavor without as much spice. Look for dishes like pad Thai, pad see ew, yellow curry, and sweet and sour shrimp for a spice-free treat.

Thailand Cuisine aims to give both spice fans and mild food lovers a place to dine together at its two locations in Hawaii. They use authentic, homemade recipes in each of their flavorful Thai dishes. They also take pride in offering customer-focused service and a friendly environment. 

With a range of spicy and mild food, Thailand Cuisine is the best Thai food restaurant in Hawaii. To order Thai dishes, call the Kahului branch at (808) 873-0225 or the Kihei branch at (808) 875-0839. You can also view the menu online

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