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3 Ways to Keep Your Acrylic Nails in Perfect Condition September 2, 2016

Montgomery, Montgomery
3 Ways to Keep Your Acrylic Nails in Perfect Condition , Montgomery, Ohio

Everyone loves a good manicure, but everyone also dreads the day when those gorgeously painted nails begin to chip. While acrylic nails last much longer than regular manicures do, they too, require upkeep. Luckily, there are several methods to keep your acrylic nails looking gorgeous and lasting as long as possible.

At Cincinnati, OH’s OriginalOne Nail Designs Studio, the nail salon owner shares three essential tips for maintaining perfect acrylic nails:

  • acrylic nailsRegular Fillings: Acrylic nails do last longer than regular gel manicures, but to really keep them looking good throughout their lifespan, it’s important to revisit the nail salon every two weeks or so to get them filled. If you don’t get them filled, your acrylic nails will grow out and be more susceptible to chips and damage. A nail technician can also keep your acrylic nails free from bacteria that can form between the real nail and the acrylic one.
  • Quality Polish & Top Coats: You wouldn’t use poor-quality nail polish on your real nails, so you shouldn’t use it on your acrylic nails, either—it would be a waste of the money you spent to get the acrylics in the first place. Use well-known, high-caliber brands so that your acrylic nails can maintain their shine and color. Opt for a strong top coat that dries quickly and apply it once between every refilling appointment.
  • Moisturizers & Soap: It’s important to keep your acrylic nails free of moisture to fend off bacterial growth, but make sure they don’t completely dry out, either! Cuticle oil and creams, as well as lotions, can keep your fingers and nails soft and your acrylic nails looking fresh. Washing your hands with antibacterial soap can also prevent infections that would ruin your acrylic nails.

Do you want more information on taking care of your acrylic nails, or do you want to arrange for manicure services for a children’s party or a wedding party? Contact OriginalOne Nail Designs Studio at (513) 282-4251, or visit their website to book an appointment in advance.

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