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3 Reasons Dermatologists Are Vital for Sports Players September 8, 2016

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3 Reasons Dermatologists Are Vital for Sports Players, Princeton, West Virginia

If you’re an active person, especially if you’re involved in professional or even amateur sports, you may be surprised to learn that along with physical therapists and masseuses, dermatologists are a vital part of a sports player’s medical team. According to the staff of top-rated dermatologists at Derm One PLLC in Princeton, WV, this is because there are certain skin conditions known to affect athletes specifically.

Here are three sports-related issues you’ll need a dermatologist to provide skin care treatments for: 

  • dermatologistAthlete’s Foot: As its name suggests, athlete’s foot is a common affliction among sports players. It is a condition in which moisture and lack of air or light to the feet cause the growth of fungus on the skin. Football and soccer players especially are prone to it because their sports involve long hours of wearing socks and tight shoes that cause the feet to sweat. Athlete’s foot usually appears in the form of peels or cracks between the toes, and some people experience redness and blisters. With the proper diagnosis from a dermatologist, athlete’s foot can be treated using over-the-counter or prescription anti-fungal creams.
  • Ringworm: Another fungal skin condition, ringworm is a rash that appears in the shape of a circle with wiggly edges. Ringworm is very similar to athlete’s foot, except it occurs on the skin and nails instead of the feet. It spreads most commonly via skin-to-skin contact, which is why sports that require a lot of physical interaction, like football and wrestling, can lead to the condition. Ringworm can be treated with dermatologist-recommended creams or pills.  
  • Turf Burn: Turf burn refers to the chafing of skin that occurs as a result of friction with a rough surface. Soccer and football players often suffer from turf burn thanks to frequently falling and skidding across fields. Turf burn injuries scrape off layers of skin, resulting in a burning sensation and redness. Minor abrasions can be treated like normal cuts. However, a dermatologist should be consulted if turf burns are particularly large, don’t subside after a few weeks, or cause more bleeding and pain than expected.

For more on how skin care treatments can contribute to your overall wellness as an athlete or to make an appointment with the top-rated dermatologists in Princeton, contact Derm One PLLC at (304) 425-9448 or visit their website.

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