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Annual Auto Inspections Keep Your Car Running Smoothly August 29, 2016

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Annual Auto Inspections Keep Your Car Running Smoothly, High Point, North Carolina

Routine car care is critical for keeping your vehicle running. Nobody wants to be stranded miles from home because of unexpected engine failure, and that’s why annual auto inspections should be on your schedule. With 30 years of industry experience, the experts at P & T Automotive Repair of High Point, NC, want everyone to know the value of yearly auto inspections.

The best thing about scheduling regular auto inspections is that you’ll never be caught off-guard. Every day, driving causes a little bit of wear and tear on a car, but yearly auto inspections will catch any issues before they take your car out of commission and cost you time and money. Armed with this knowledge, you’re far less likely to find yourself on the side of the road with no idea why your vehicle is uncooperative.

A good mechanic auto-inspection-High-Point-NCwill do a multi-point inspection and go so far as to take the wheels off, examine the brake lines and spark plugs, and check the various hydraulic pumps that keep your fuel flowing and air conditioning running smoothly. They’ll consult with you regarding preventative maintenance and also discuss when and how to plan for larger repairs.

Another bonus is how much you'll learn about your car. By having regular auto inspections and talking with the mechanic afterward, you will likely engage in more regular care activities. You’ll hear noises and feel twinges in the car you might not have noticed before, which could be the harbingers of bigger problems. Being able to catch uneven brake wear or a noise from the muffler system before those parts need replacing can save you hundreds.

Regular auto inspections save you time, money, and worry. Best of all, by keeping your car in the best shape possible, you and your family stay safe and secure. To schedule an auto inspection or for any more pressing repairs, call P & T Automotive Repair at (336) 869-8051. Visit their website to see what services they offer. 

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