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Summer Pool Renovations Available From Gutierrez Pool Plastering March 27, 2014

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Summer Pool Renovations Available From Gutierrez Pool Plastering, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Summer will be here before you know it, and so will backyard barbecues and outdoor pool parties. Your pool requires more maintenance than just installation and a power wash once a year. To keep your pool looking like new and ready for a swim this summer, try replastering services from Gutierrez Pool Plastering.

Most pools require replastering after 7-12 years, with exception to poor maintenance or unforeseen damage. If your pool’s plastering has become deteriorated by environmental elements, discolored or cracked, it is probably in need of replastering. This process usually involves draining the pool of remaining water, and conducting a thorough inspection of your pool’s surface to locate areas of damage or wear. You should remove dirt and debris prior to inspection, but if you find a great pool plastering service to do it for you, you can save time and energy.

Pool plastering is a tricky do-it-yourself project. If you're searching for a cost-effective way to finally renovate your pool in time for summer, hire a professional pool plastering and resurfacing company. Gutierrez Pool Plastering has been in the business of providing complete pool renovations for years, with a fast turnaround on projects big and small. Pool plastering experts will remove loose plaster, sand surfaces for smooth surfacing, and apply new plaster to your pool within as little as a week! To complete your project, inquire about installing a wide variety of finishes, decks, waterfalls, stone masonry, and more.

Affordable pricing and a proven record for providing high quality pool finishes makes Gutierrez Pool Plastering the No. 1 choice for pool replastering this season. Don’t wait until summer; call (908) 756-7585 to set up an appointment and get a quote. 

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