Exclusive Record by The Apostles on Sale at Academy Records(Published in West Village, Manhattan)

April is a big month for Academy Records, East Village's favorite record store. With the rapid approach of Record Store Day 2012, this music store is readying stock and furthering its already extensive collection of exclusive and coveted albums. In honor of Record Store Day, the store's label Academy Lps, is anxiously releasing a new 45!

Record Store Day will take place on Saturday, April 21 and will bring to the store, tons of records exclusive for that day. Academy Lps' is excited to release a long-lost record of voodoo funk by The Apostles, a two-sider of "deep-n-dirty early '70 Afro-funk."

The Apostles began their funky music career in the Eastern Nigerian city of Aba. Their echoes of folksy pop hits, from the mid-1970s into the early '80s, was followed by a transition into intense funk. The group was scooped up by the record label BEN that evolved into Clover Records, who developed the Academy Lps 45, and were later signed by EMI Records. The Apostles quickly established themselves as reigning pop allegiance.

This soon-to-be released record is a proud deluxe release of the band and Academy Records. Remastered, and pressured with a UK style punch out center, and in a limited edition custom picture sleeve, this is a valuable snag for Record Store Day goers. Tracks on the record include "Onye Akpa Oshi Onwu."

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