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An Alabama In-Home Care Provider Discusses Healthy Meals for Seniors August 26, 2016

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An Alabama In-Home Care Provider Discusses Healthy Meals for Seniors, Atmore, Alabama

Mom’s cooking is a youthful comfort most adults hearken back to in nostalgic moments. But as your loved ones age, it can grow more difficult for them to provide healthy meals for themselves. If you have a loved one who is suffering from some of the debilitating effects of aging, you may want to take steps to ensure that they maintain daily access to proper nutrition. Candlelight Compassions, an in-home care provider based in Foley, Alabama, explains some of the factors that can determine food access for the elderly.

Grocery Shopping

For seniors with limited mobility, even a task like grocery shopping can be next to impossible. Many seniors lack transportation or struggle to drive safely, not to mention the difficulty involved in physically navigating the supermarket aisles. Even if mom can still cook a mean casserole, she may need help gathering the ingredients she needs.


In home careAs with most household tasks, the physical exertion and mental stamina involved in cooking can grow difficult to maintain as your loved ones age. And some elderly men may simply lack the know-how to feed themselves if they have spent the past few decades dependent upon a now-departed wife’s kitchen skills.


Maintaining a clean kitchen is crucial to good health, but dishes and cleaning can take a huge toll on arthritic fingers and sensitive skin. For some seniors who now rarely entertain guests, cleaning can seem like an impossibly unrewarding task without the aid of a caregiver.

If you have a loved one who struggles with any of these household tasks, it’s reasonable for you to be worried about their nutrition. If distance, your occupation, or your own obligations make it difficult for you to stop in for frequent visits, you may want to consider contacting a senior home care service to help alleviate some of the burden. Even aside from the technical aspects, the companionship of a frequent visitor may lift your loved one’s spirits and even spur their appetite.

For the kindest in-home care in Baldwin County, Alabama, call the caregivers at Candlelight Compassions at (251) 359-0562 and ask about senior home care services for your loved one. For more information or to learn more about founder and operator Lucille Ankum’s nearly two decades of experience providing in-home care, visit Candlelight Compassions’ website.

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