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Here's Why All-Inclusive Healthcare Is So Important August 22, 2016

Valley View, Ashland
Here's Why All-Inclusive Healthcare Is So Important, Ashland, Kentucky


PrimaryPlus is transforming the way families in the Buffalo Trace and Ohio Valley regions think about medical care by offering a unique one-stop healthcare experience. Throughout their 32 years serving the community, they realized the value of all-inclusive healthcare and have expanded their care options to include a wide range of family health and specialty services including dental, counseling, OB/GYN and more. 

Why All-Inclusive Healthcare Is Important 

It’s Simpler.

One of the reasons patients like all-inclusive healthcare is because it’s easier to manage. When your doctor, dentist, and gynecologist are all part of the same practice, they can share records. It’s easier to have one destination for healthcare. 


Having diverse teams of medical professionals working together opens up lots of possibilities for both collaboration.  A perfect example of this within PrimaryPlus is their trademarked WeCare model that brings together a team of PrimaryPlus specialties to help manage diabetes care with the patient.  WeCare involves our medical providers, pharmacists, certified diabetes educators, nursing care managers and more to assist the patient in controlling their diabetes.   WeCare works to help fully educate the patient of his/her disease working on self-management tools, but also offering a support system for those times when he/she may need a little extra encouragement.  PrimaryPlus hopes to expand the WeCare model into other chronic conditions soon.      

It Makes Prescriptions Less Expensive

PrimaryPlus is a federally qualified health center, and because of that, their in-house pharmacies offer 340B pricing. This allows their patients to purchase prescription medication at a lower price.  PrimaryPlus pharmacies are located on-site at most office locations.  They welcome outside scripts as well and price comparisons. 

It Makes Preventative Care Easier

When your whole medical team is working side-by-side, preventative care improves tremendously. Keeping up with screenings and blood work is streamlined, and when it comes to prevention, more information is always beneficial. Family health doctors in all-inclusive medical home environments also find it easier to use more targeted prevention techniques based on a specific family’s medical predispositions. 

If you want to simplify your healthcare and have a full range of medical services at your fingertips...consider switching to. Visit them online or call your nearest PrimaryPlus location to learn more—service ranges do vary by location.   

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