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Whether you need help getting started with an entry level hydroponic system, need help getting the most out of your organic garden, or need an extensive irrigation and lighting system for a commercial growing facility or green house, no set up is too big or too small. Grow Your Own, Pueblo, CO has the products and expertise that you need to succeed!

What Is Aptus? Learn More About Hydroponics August 19, 2016

Downtown Pueblo, Pueblo
What Is Aptus? Learn More About Hydroponics, Pueblo, Colorado

Hydroponics is a gardening method that allows plants to grow without soil. There are a few alternative mediums in which plants can grow, including Rockwool, perlite, coconut fiber, gravel sand, and many others. Grow Your Own in Denver, CO, can help you start a garden using this method if you’re a first-timer. The business carries an extensive range of hydroponic supplies to help you properly care for your gardens. 

The agricultural industry often experiences problems due to overuse of synthetic fertilizer and pesticides. To combat these soil issues, Aptus Plant Technologies creates bioavailable nutrients and natural stimulators, helping bring life back to the earth. 

Aptus products use science built on the biological rules of nature to help you produce healthier crops with immunities against pest and fungal attacks. Aptus strives to align their practices with principles that work with nature as opposed to manipulating plants in unnatural ways. Aptus holds plant science classes for growers of all experience levels to help keep them updated on the newest and best growing methods. 

hydroponicsGrow Your Own has organic pesticides and provides biological control methods for preventing pests and diseases that might harm your garden. When you work with them, they can advise you on the best solution for your plants to help them flourish. 

Whether you need Hydrofarm, BWGS, Humboldt Wholesale, Sunlight Supply, or another organic nutrient for your plants, you can obtain it at Grow Your Own. They have been working on their scientific organic gardening methods since 2007 and are experts in the business. If you have any questions about starting a garden organically, call them at (303) 990-1929. You can also visit them online for a full list of hydroponic products and services. 

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