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Discover the History Behind One of Lombardi’s Top Pottery Collections August 18, 2016

Fairport, Monroe
Discover the History Behind One of Lombardi’s Top Pottery Collections, Fairport, New York

Each handcrafted piece of pottery, tableware, and cookware at Lombardi’s Gourmet Imports & Specialties has a unique story behind it. As a family-owned business in Penfield, NY, they offer exceptional customer service and specialize in providing a wide variety of gourmet foods and supplies that are sure to impress all your guests.

One of their top-selling brands is Portmeirion. This history of this gorgeous line of dinnerware began back in the 1960s, when Susan Williams-Ellis and her husband, Euan Cooper-Willis, were asked to create several pottery designs for the local gift shop in Portmeirion, a small village in North Wales founded by her father. The designs were so popular the couple decided to start production in two nearby potteries, where several of their most well-known designs, including the Totem, Cypher and Jupiter, and the Greek Key, were created.

potteryLater on, in the 1970s, Susan and her husband were exploring an antique bookshop in London and discovered a detailed book of botanical illustrations called The Universal Herb by Thomas Green. After spending several hours browsing the colorful pages, Susan was inspired to design Botanical Garden, which features delicate butterflies, soft green leaves, and a variety of brilliant colors. This pottery collection has become one of the biggest sellers among the customers who shop at Lombardi’s Gourmet Imports & Specialties and continues to offer a touch of elegance for any event.

potteryYou can find the latest designs from Portmeirion pottery and much more when you visit this Monroe County business. Brand-name items such as Hartstone stoneware, Magnalite teapots, Le Creuset cookware, and more grace the many shelves of Lombardi’s, enticing customers to take their time exploring the numerous designs on display. These professionals pride themselves on offering the latest in cookware and pottery and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about a particular piece.

Lombardi’s Gourmet Imports & Specialties not only specializes in culinary accessories, they also offer an assortment of creative gift baskets and food gifts. If you’re looking for a product to brighten up your next dinner party, stop by Lombardi’s and discover the items they have in stock. To learn more about their Portmeirion line of pottery and dinnerware, call (585) 388-1330. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information on the products they have available.

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