Skincare and Dermatology Treatment for Acne During Pregnancy(Published in Park Slope, Brooklyn)

When a patient recently called Park Slope Dermatology & Medi-Spa to make an appointment, the receptionist detected that she was somewhat uncomfortable inquiring about treatment for acne while pregnant. Her reserved demeanor was the result of having called other offices, all of which deferred her until after she gave birth. In a baby-friendly neighborhood such as Park Slope, where there are so many expectant moms, it is important that women know that acne can be safely treated during pregnancy.

The hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy often trigger acne or, although rare, make it quiescent. The concern for acne during pregnancy is that it can result in blemishes and scarring and may not resolve spontaneously after giving birth. At Park Slope Dermatology & Medi-Spa, Dr. Holder has treatment protocols for all skin types that involve medical and cosmetically approved therapies that often increase the likelihood of an acne-free pregnancy.

Pregnancy should be a joyful and peaceful time, free of unnecessary worries. Dr. Holder at Park Slope Dermatology & Medi-Spa in Brooklyn, New York, is confident that an awareness of the treatment possibilities in the event of an acne flare will help alleviate any anxiety, allowing you to focus on being a happy expectant mommy.

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