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The Ins & Outs of Car Power Window Repair August 12, 2016

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The Ins & Outs of Car Power Window Repair, Honolulu, Hawaii

If your car has power windows, all it takes is the touch of button to let fresh air in or keep the rain out. But sometimes this feature needs a little help to function as it should. The experts at Roy's Auto Glass Shop in Honolulu, HI, say that if your car's power windows are on the fritz, one of their skilled technicians can correct the problem. 

The first step in power window repair is diagnosis. A technician has to carefully comb through your car's electrical system to determine what's causing the problem. A wiring diagram may be used, and electronic testing equipment may be employed to get the to the bottom of the issue.

Power Window Repair

When a car's power windows fail, common culprits include the switch, motor, and wiring. Part of the repair effort may involve shining a light on wiring problems by taking a close look at the car's power and ground circuits. At the end of this fact-finding mission, the technician will complete a diagnostic report and recommend a path of action regarding vehicle repair. 

Sometimes power window repair calls for complete replacement of aging or worn parts—the faulty components are removed, and new parts are installed to get your windows running like new. Service typically doesn't take too long, and in most cases, you'll have your car returned to you in a couple of hours. 

In some cases, even though power windows haven’t completely stopped working, they are slow to open and close. In cases like this, it's best to take the car in for repair, since if you don't, the problem will almost certainly worsen.

Choose Roy's Auto Glass Shop to enjoy same-day service on power window repair and auto glass work in Honolulu. Call (808) 845-7484 to schedule an appointment, or explore the company's range of services by visiting them online

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