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The Importance of Getting Regular Checkups From a Financial Advisor September 15, 2016

Covington, Kenton
The Importance of Getting Regular Checkups From a Financial Advisor, Covington, Kentucky

Establishing a financial plan is one of the most important decisions you can make for your future and will ensure that you have enough to retire with and reach your financial goals. However, you should have your progress checked every year by a knowledgeable financial advisor, who will help make sure your plan still meets your needs as market conditions and your long-term goals change.

According to Evergreen Advisors, Covington, KY's most experienced financial advisors, even disciplined savers may find themselves short unless they have the health of their finances checked regularly. For example, major life changes like marriage or the birth of a child can significantly change your future needs, as will a divorce or the loss of a loved one. While you may be conscientiously putting money away every month according to your existing financial plan, you might find yourself coming up short if you don't adjust your financial plan to make room for your changing priorities.

financial advisorThe volatility of the economy is another reason to check in with a financial advisor every year to make sure your savings are on track. Investment vehicles that promised low-risk, reliable returns last year may have been superseded by more attractive options, or flagging performances by some funds may require you to move your savings in order to maximize them. Regular advice from a financial advisor with whom you've developed a working relationship will ensure that you're taking advantage of emerging opportunities and properly mitigating your risks.

Whether you're saving for retirement or the vacation of a lifetime, Evergreen Advisors has the expertise and market knowledge to help you achieve your long-term goals. Visit their website to see a complete list of their services, or schedule an appointment with a skilled financial advisor by calling (513) 784-9150 today.

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