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Kihei Thai Restaurant Explains What Comprises a Thai Meal August 5, 2016

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
Kihei Thai Restaurant Explains What Comprises a Thai Meal, Kahului, Hawaii

Thailand Cuisine is the best Thai restaurant in Kihei, HI. They serve authentic dishes that are always homemade, and they offer every component of the perfect Thai meal. Here are a few different Thai dishes that all come together to make one delicious meal:

Titbits, Dips & Salads

Thai food is usually eaten with a spoon and fork, and knives are rarely needed. The perfect Thai meal includes a subtle blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, and it starts with titbits.

In Thai cooking, titbits are essentially small appetizers like spring rolls, summer rolls, and chicken satay sticks, and they are usually accompanied by some kind of dip. It is common for salad to start off a large meal, as well. Thai salads usually contain a blend of herbs and are often spicy. Some salads also contain meat, which adds a touch of saltiness to the meal.

thai restaurant Soups & Curries

Thai soups contain many hearty ingredients, and when coupled with rice, they can be more than enough to fill an average person at mealtime. Curry dishes from an authentic Thai restaurant are similar to soup in their texture and consistency and might include potatoes, onions, shallots, garlic, and coconut milk, as well as beef or chicken for extra protein.

Single Entrees

Some Thai entrees are entire meals in themselves. They include a protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable and are more than enough to fill you up. Examples of popular Thai entrees include pad Thai, pad se ew, and Thai fried chicken.  

If you’re craving authentic Thai food, you’ll find it at the best Thai restaurant in Kihei, HI. Thailand Cuisine has everything you need to create a multi-course meal that’s as mouthwatering as it is filling. They only cook with the freshest ingredients, and they have a second convenient location in Kahului, HI. Visit their website to check out their menu, and call (808) 875-0839 to make reservations today.

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