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8 Terms You Need to Know to Understand Your Moving Company Bill August 4, 2016

Pearl City, Ewa
8 Terms You Need to Know to Understand Your Moving Company Bill, Ewa, Hawaii

If you understand  the language used on your estimate sheet or moving bill, you’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary worry, and it can help you choose the best moving company for your needs. There are a few terms you may not be familiar with because they’re unique to the business. To help you make sense of your contract, the professional movers from M. Dyer & Sons in Pearl City, Hawaii, shed some light on the industry’s terminology.

8 Moving Terms You Need To Know

  • Accessorial Charges: In addition to the standard moving charges, some companies may also add charges for moving appliances and unpacking. Make sure to ask beforehand what additional charges could be incurred.
  • Bill Of Lading: This is the contract between you and the moving company, and it contains a tracking number to monitor your belongings.
  • Long Carry Charge: If the moving truck can’t get very close to your home or business, then you might be charged—this is because the movers will have to transport your belongings by hand for a longer distance than usual.
  • Moving CompanyBinding Estimate: This is a guaranteed price laid out in a document that is based on an estimate of your items before the actual move.
  • Non-Binding Estimate: This is what the overall cost of your move is after additional charges, tolls, and any other costs are added to the total.
  • PBO: PBO is an acronym that means “packed by owner.”
  • Standard Coverage: This is the minimum amount of free coverage that a moving company must provide based on the original price that you established.
  • Tare Weight: This is the weight of the moving truck, moving supplies, and packing equipment used by the company. It will not be included in the weight of your belongings.

Understanding different terminology will help to protect you from being overcharged when you’re looking for a moving service. If you need a reliable moving company in Hawaii, contact the friendly professionals at M. Dyer & Sons. More information can be found on their website, Facebook page, or by calling (808) 456-4200.

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