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Expert Arborists Share 3 Ways Stump Grinding Will Beautify Your Yard August 3, 2016

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Expert Arborists Share 3 Ways Stump Grinding Will Beautify Your Yard, Sparta, Georgia

When a tree is cut down, you’re left with a stump occupying valuable space on your property. But the experts at Tidwell’s Tree Service say stump grinding can help you utilize this seemingly unsightly growth in the most effective manner. Providing tree-cutting services for over three decades, their experienced arborists have earned a stellar reputation in Macon and Milledgeville, GA.

They share the following three benefits of stump grinding:

  • Improved Property Appearance: Whether you own a commercial or residential property, you don’t want anything that negatively affects its appearance. One way to keep your premises well maintained is to remove stumps. Tidwell’s Tree Service has reliable experts who will uproot and grind unwanted tree stumps in an efficient fashion. This process will not only enhance your property’s appearance, but also free space once occupied by the stumps
  • RMacon-Milledgeville-GA-stump-grindingepurposed Wood: A dormant tree stump is valuable raw wood that can’t serve any purpose unless it’s processed and ground. Grinding this sizeable chunk of wood can provide you with a considerable amount of mulch for gardening and landscaping projects, saving time and money you would have spent buying it at a store.
  • Healthy Garden: If you’ve hired Tidwell’s Tree Service to cut down a diseased tree, there’s a good chance the stump also is infected. If allowed to remain intact, an affected stump can spread disease to healthy shrubs and trees nearby. The best way to stop it from contaminating other plants is to have it professionally removed and ground by the premier arborists in Macon and Milledgeville.

No one can handle stump-grinding jobs better than the efficient pros at Tidwell’s Tree Service. From pulling out the stump to pulverizing it, their staff will complete every step of the process with your safety in mind. For more information about their services, visit their website or call (478) 452-0234.

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