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4 Troubleshooting Tips to Determine if You Need Professional Garage Door Repair July 28, 2016

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4 Troubleshooting Tips to Determine if You Need Professional Garage Door Repair, Rochester, New York

Garage doors are one of those home conveniences that you don’t realize are critical until they stop working. If you need garage door repair in Rochester, NY, turn to Tracey Door Co. If you want to troubleshoot the problem before giving them a call, check out these four tips:

  • Check The Batteries: It’s an obvious problem, but it’s also one that people forget can occur. The transmitters require electricity to work, and if the batteries die, your garage door won’t open anymore.
  • garage repairCheck The Metal Track: The garage door must be perfectly aligned in order to operate properly. Look for gaps between the rail and rollers as well as kinks in the rails themselves. If the track is damaged, it is dangerous to operate the door, and you should schedule garage door repair as soon as possible. If the garage door starts closing then opens again, it could also be a sign that the tracks are dirty or something is blocking their path.
  • Check The Photo Eyes: There are photo eyes on both sides of the door, and they emit an invisible beam that prevents the door from closing when something breaks that beam. Make sure the photo eyes are clean and aligned properly, because if they are not, the garage door will malfunction.  
  • Check The Transmitters: If your garage door opens and closes randomly, there could be something pressing on one of the transmitters, or they could be set to the same frequency as your neighbor’s transmitters.

When your garage door does not operate properly, it is incredibly frustrating. If you have tried all of the above and it still does not work, Tracey Door Co in Rochester, NY, will help. Visit their website to learn more about their 30 years of experience in garage door repair, and call (585) 598-4310 to schedule service today.

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