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4 Components Included in Your Elko Water Well System July 27, 2016

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4 Components Included in Your Elko Water Well System, Elko, Nevada

If your household is like many others throughout rural Utah and Nevada, your water source might be from a water well. But do you know how your system is put together? Fertig Drilling Co., an Elko, NV-based water well drilling company, installs wells all over the area and knows the ins and outs of their construction.

So, what makes up a well system? There are three standard well types, but here are the general parts that make up a water well from the bottom up:

  • Screen: A well screen at the very bottom of your well separates sediment from your water. The type your well driller installs varies depending on what kind of sediment it needs to filter. Perforated pipe screens, for instance, are most appropriate for filtering out large rocks, while continuous slot or slotted pipe screens are more suitable for straining sand.

  • water wellsWell Casing: This layer of your well, which you can think of as its liner, can be made from plastic (often PVC), stainless steel, carbon steel, concrete, and other materials, and is meant to confine and separate your water from contaminants. The ideal material for your well casing depends on the local terrain and geology, as each material has unique benefits.

  • Pitless Adapter: This component seals the junction between the well casing and main water pipe. Connected below the frost line for your region, this seal is set up to prevent water from freezing on the way to your home.

  • Well Cap: Your well cap should fit snugly on the top, preventing pests and dirt from getting into your water well. Most well caps are vented to accommodate for the changing air pressure when water is pumped. You can also camouflage it to look like a boulder to hide it from view.

Having a problem with your water well or want to get one installed? Fertig Drilling Co., based in Elko, is licensed for water well drilling in Utah and Nevada. Call them directly at (775) 753-7960. To learn more about their services, visit them online.

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