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Identity Hair Salons & Spas Answers Your FAQs About Botox & Facial Fillers July 25, 2016

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Identity Hair Salons & Spas Answers Your FAQs About Botox & Facial Fillers, Sycamore, Ohio

You feel great when you look great, and the professionals at Identity Hair Salons & Spas know how to make you look your best. As a full-service spa and salon, they provide expert hair salon services, manicures and pedicures, hair removal services, and massages. Their medical spa also administers Botox and facial filler treatments to help rejuvenate your appearance with fewer wrinkles and smoother skin.

What are some things you should know before you decide on Botox or facial filler treatments? Identity Hair Salons & Spas has the answer to some frequently asked questions.

Botox & Facial Filler FAQs

What Are Botox & Facial Fillers?

Wrinkles are a significant sign of aging. Botox, which is short for botulinum toxin, is a natural and purified protein used to reduce lines and wrinkles. It is a prescription medication that temporarily relaxes facial muscles that give your face a rested appearance. Aging also results in collagen loss and skin elasticity, which causes sagging and folds. Facial fillers that are made from hyaluronic acid—which is naturally present in the human body—are used to fill these areas and create volume. This makes your face look fuller and younger.

How Is It Administered?

botox and facial fillersBoth types of treatments are injected under the skin to targeted areas. Botox is usually administered between the eyebrows to lessen the appearance of severe to moderate lines and wrinkles in this area and around the outer sides of the eyes to reduce the look of crow’s feet. Facial fillers are injected into specific areas, such as the creases that run from your nose to your mouth or into lips, to plump up these spots and smooth out lines.

Who Is It Good For & Who Should Avoid It?

It’s recommended that you’re in general good health to receive either type of treatment. Avoid Botox injections if you have damaged nerves or muscle problems. In addition, medical professionals advise avoiding Botox and facial fillers if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What Are The Expected Results?

A Botox treatment will take effect about three to four days after the treatment and look its best at approximately two weeks. The results normally last three to six months, but this can vary according to the patient. The results of facial fillers differ between each person, but a treatment can last anywhere from six months to two years.

Regain your youthful appearance with Botox and facial filler treatments at Identity Hair Salons & Spas. Call them today at (513) 791-2555 to schedule your next appointment or visit their website to learn more about their medical spa and hair salon services.

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