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How to Make Divorce Easier for Your Kids July 21, 2016

How to Make Divorce Easier for Your Kids, Clanton, Alabama

Can a divorce ever be easy? While that may seem like a lofty goal, it's certainly possible to foster a smoother transition for all parties involved. Divorce attorney Gary Backus of the Backus Law Group has over 15 years' experience helping clients throughout the Montgomery and Clanton, Alabama, area navigate the uncertainties of divorce.

Here, the divorce attorney shares three tips for making your separation easier:

  • Divorce AttorneyTake The High Road: Even the least contentious divorces harbor some amount of recrimination and regret. To make things less stressful all the way around, choose to take the high road throughout your divorce proceedings. Behave civilly, communicate respectfully, and place the needs of the children first and foremost.
  • Talk To The Kids Together: When sharing the news of your divorce with your children, gather them together and tell them all at once. This way, every child is hearing the same story. Also, you and your soon-to-be ex should have this conversation together with the kids. It presents a unified front that lets the children know they are supported.
  • Encourage Questions: Your kids will have questions that deserve answers. Encourage them to ask anything they'd like, and always respond with age-appropriate language. Try to answer honestly but without giving too many details. You should never imply that the separation is one person’s responsibility. 

Your divorce attorney at Backus Law Group will work with you to ensure your family's transition is as easy as possible. Visit the firm online to learn more about divorce law, bankruptcy protection, and their lawyers’ other practice areas. To schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney in Montgomery, call the Backus Law Group at (334) 265-0800 today; to reach a lawyer in Clanton, call (205) 755-5208. By conducting yourself maturely, talking openly with your kids, and encouraging their questions, you’re taking solid, proactive measures for an emotionally healthy divorce.

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