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Family Attorneys Discuss Why Parents Should Hire Child Custody Lawyers July 7, 2016

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Family Attorneys Discuss Why Parents Should Hire Child Custody Lawyers, Canton, Georgia

Whether you are a parent about to go through a divorce or a single parent, you may face a child custody dispute. The child custody lawyers at Bray & Johnson Law Firm in Canton, GA, are here to discuss reasons why parents should hire child custody lawyers when these kinds of disputes arise. As a family law practice, this firm has dealt with many divorce and child custody legal matters, and the attorneys are ready to share some advice.

When both parents have child custody lawyers, out-of-court negotiations tend to go more smoothly than if one (or neither) parent has a lawyer. Having a lawyer helps reduce the highly charged emotional levels that surround custody disputes, making settlements easier. Child custody lawyers frequently help parents reach an agreement on most disputed issues.

If a child custody dispute goes to court, the court makes decisions based on the best interest of the child. The court may appoint an attorney to represent the child’s interest, called a guardian ad litem. When both parents have child custody lawyers in contested court hearings, it levels the playing field — especially if the child has court-appointed representation.

child custody lawyersA parent who accuses the other of spousal or child abuse, neglect, or other damaging behavior needs a family law attorney to present the situation to the court effectively. Likewise, an accused parent needs a strong advocate to put the parent’s case in the proper perspective.

The family law attorneys at Bray & Johnson Law Firm advise and represent parents in simple and complex child custody matters. Their attorneys combine their depth of knowledge with compassionate counsel to meet every client’s needs. You can count on these dedicated attorneys to provide professional legal services that give you peace of mind.

If you expect to be in a custody dispute, consult the child custody lawyers at Bray & Johnson Law Firm, in Canton, GA. Call (770) 479-1426 to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney, and visit them online for more information. You can also find the law firm on Facebook.

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