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Clifton Park’s Water Purification Experts Explain Hard Vs. Soft Water July 1, 2016

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Clifton Park’s Water Purification Experts Explain Hard Vs. Soft Water, Clifton Park, New York

Many people have heard soft water is better than hard water. However, most don’t pursue the issue further because they don’t realize truly how much better it is. Luckily, Clifton Park, New York’s go-to source for water purification products, AquaScience, has the knowledgeable experts to inform the public on the realities of their water quality.

To start, here are just a few differences between hard water and water treated by a water softener:

  • Softer, Smoother Skin & Hair: The first thing people tend to notice about soft water is the soft skin and hair that come with it. Your soap and shampoo will lather, soak in, and rinse out better, leaving your skin and hair less dry and more luminous. 
  • Grime-Free Sinks & Showers: You know that unsightly scum and grime that accumulate so quickly in your sink and shower? With soft water, that seemingly never-ending dirty residue will be a thing of the past. This is partly because soft water isn’t full of the mineral deposits that lead to soap scum buildup.  
  • Long-Lasting, Cleaner Clothes: A water softener will not only make your sink and skin cleaner, it will make your clothes brighter and whiter, too. The gentle nature of soft water also extends the lifespan of clothing by up to 33%.
  • water purificationCleaner, Film-Free Dishes: Basically, everything soft water touches shines. Food residue will slide right off your dishes, leaving them free of the filminess that mineral water leaves behind.
  • More Efficient Appliances: From your dishwasher to your laundry machine, the appliances throughout your home will work more efficiently and last longer. Hard water can wear out these appliances as much as 30% faster than soft water.

If you want to experience the benefits of soft water for yourself, contact Clifton Park’s water purification experts. With their extensive knowledge and experience with water chemicals, water softeners, and more, they always have the precise solution to meet every customer’s unique needs. 

To start living cleaner and better, call a friendly professional at AquaScience today at (518) 725­-3488. For more information about their water purification products, visit their website

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