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Water Well Drilling Experts Explain What to Do After Your Well Is Installed June 22, 2016

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Water Well Drilling Experts Explain What to Do After Your Well Is Installed, Elko, Nevada

Installing a new well on your property can be a time-consuming project; however, once the well is drilled and the pump is installed, your home or office will have access to fresh water for drinking, cleaning, and bathing. While there is very little you'll need to do after getting a new well, the water well drilling team at Fertig Drilling Co. in Elko, NV, recommends taking a few steps to protect your investment and ensure a long life for your well system.

Immediately after installation, take the following steps:

  • File Away Paperwork: When a water well drilling company completes a project, they're required by the local authorities to fill out a well completion report, which includes information on the location, size, and depth of your well. Just in case you ever have to get your well serviced or you plan on completing a landscaping or construction project on your property, make sure to put these documents in a place where you can easily access them.

  • water well drillingCreate A Log: Long before you experience problems with your well or schedule an inspection, go ahead and create a spreadsheet that keeps track of your well's performance. In the future, you'll need to show this log to your well contractor so they know what type of maintenance or service is required.

  • Plan For Routine Inspections: After the water well drilling is finished and you take note of any instructions or recommendations from your contractor, set aside some time to draw up a maintenance schedule for the lifetime of your well. While most experts recommend getting an inspection at least once a year, your well may require more attention due to specific conditions and usage.

Whether you're looking for a water well drilling company or you need well maintenance, contact the professionals at Fertig Drilling Co. by calling (775) 753-7960 or visit their website today.

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