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Landscape Ideas to Get Your Property Ready for Summer Fun! June 17, 2016

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Landscape Ideas to Get Your Property Ready for Summer Fun!, Brookfield, Connecticut

There are few clouds in the sky and the sun is beating down.  The ideal summer day, and you’re standing on your freshly cut lawn thinking, “what next?”  What can you do next to make your property stand out?  What can you do next to make you home an exciting destination for family and friends; for parties and BBQs?   What can you do to make your lawn a safe place for a little R&R?


Here at A to Z Property Maintenance we have a few landscape ideas for smart improvements to get started on as summer kicks off:

Pest –    Visit our website for more information about our Organic pest programs.

Tick – If you are having a get together of any kind on your property, tick control is a must have.  Organic tick control is an environmentally safe way to protect your family and friends for the threat of tick borne disease.

 Deer – Deer Repellant is an organic solution to saving your ornamental shrubs, bushes, trees and plants from unsightly deer damage.  It will also help in preventing deer from carrying harmful insects, such as ticks, onto your property.


Mulch – It’s not too late!  If you haven’t mulched your property yet adding mulch is a great way to spruce up the appearance to give your property a clean, neat look.  Mulch types range from dyed wood chips to premium, natural barks to organic compost-mulch blends.  All are great options to reduce weeds, hold in moisture, and protect plant and shrub root systems.

Pruning – One of the first things a person might notice after well-kept grass are your ornamental shrubs, bushes, and trees.  If left unkempt they become an eyesore.  Pruning will improve the strength and structure of your shrubs while also promoting new growth.  This is the perfect time of the season for a pruning service to keep up that sharp appearance of your property. 

Plantings – Add some color to your landscape with some select perennials or annuals.  Or plan for the future and plant ornamental shrubs or trees for your property to grow with.

Patio or Walkway – Have you ever walked out your front or back door and thought, “this could be so much nicer”, or “this just isn’t what it used to be.”  A new patio or walkway can give an area a whole new feel.  Or repairing a sunken or damaged area may be a quicker or more economical solution.

A to Z Property Maintenance offers economical and environmentally friendly solutions to improve your home, property and landscape.  If you think you may be interested in any or all of our landscape ideas above please give us a call (203)775-9174 or visit us at our website.  You can also see us at Facebook and visit our Instagram to see some ideas in action!

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