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Filing a Workers' Comp Claim: Advice From a Hartford Personal Injury Law Attorney June 15, 2016

Hartford, Hartford, CT
Filing a Workers' Comp Claim: Advice From a Hartford Personal Injury Law Attorney, Hartford, Connecticut

You've been injured at work. You know you need time off to recover, but you're not sure how you'll support yourself. You deserve answers. Weingast Law in Hartford, Connecticut, is a personal injury law firm that has been helping area clients pursue workers' compensation claims for over three decades.

The personal injury lawyers share some advice on when to file for workers' comp: 

  • The Sooner, The Better: It's a fairly universal rule: the sooner you file your workers' comp claim, the better it is for your case. In fact, waiting to file adds considerable complications to an already lengthy and intensive process. In the state of Connecticut, you have one year from the date of your injury to file your claim or three years from the first sign of an occupational disease you acquired from your job.
  • personal injury lawNotify Your Employer: Before filing a workers' comp claim, make sure you have notified your employer of the injury you sustained in your place of work. You don't want your employer to be blindsided by your request for workers' compensation; they need to have all the details of your injury and condition in order to help with your case. If you are encountering issues with your employer over your injury or subsequent claim, let Weingast Law help you explore your legal options.
  • To Prepare Your Case: You will need to record the nature of your injury, as well as the events surrounding it, to file your claim. Having access to your medical records may be helpful in documenting the health issues you've experienced as a result of your injury. It's also wise to have the cooperation of any witnesses who may have seen you sustain your workplace injury; this can only help your case. To have the strongest case possible, trust Weingast Law to guide you through the workers' comp process.

Call Weingast Law at (860) 233-1440 to schedule a consultation with a personal injury law attorney. You can also visit the firm online to learn more. Don't wait another minute to get the resources you need to recover: Let Weingast Law be your workers' comp representative.

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