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Top Bail Bondsman Explains Why It’s Important to Follow Your Bonding Conditions May 18, 2016

Top Bail Bondsman Explains Why It’s Important to Follow Your Bonding Conditions, ,

When people are arrested and released on bail bonds, the bonds have conditions they must follow. As a top local bail bondsman, 3-D Bail Bonds in Hartford, CT, explains the importance of defendants following the conditions of their bonds. This bail bondsman offers 24/7 bail bonds and fast service to individuals in need throughout the community.

Individuals released from custody on a bail bond should comply with all the bonding conditions. A condition of every bond is that the defendant be present for all court appearances. In Connecticut, other conditions may include staying away from the crime victim and witnesses who may testify, as well as not possessing or using alcohol, drugs, or dangerous weapons. Failure to follow conditions can lead the court to modify or revoke the bond, or the defendant could be charged with even more crimes.  

If you or your loved one has a pending case in a CT courthouse, please click here to see court dates and times. Always stay in contact with your bail bondsman and update your address and phone number as needed. Failure to receive notice of your court date modification could generate a failure to appear in court and therefore risk the status of your release.New Britain court, CT

Following bond conditions also protects the property of individuals who have given collateral for the bail bond. When family or friends give collateral for a defendant to be released on a bail bond, such as cash or their home, they depend on their loved ones to meet all of the bonding conditions. If the conditions are not followed, the court could order the bond to be forfeited, and the property owners could lose their property.

Defendants having problems meeting their bond conditions should let their bail bondsman know right away. When a bail bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds receives notice from a client that there’s a problem, they do their best to assist the client in meeting the conditions. They value their clients and want each bail bond commitment to reach a successful conclusion.

Day or night, no matter what time you need a bail bond, contact 3-D Bail Bonds in Hartford, CT. You can call (860) 247-2245 for their 24/7 bail bond service, or visit them online for more information about their services.

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