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Anchorage’s Leading Oral Surgeons Share 10 Dental Hygiene Tips May 17, 2016

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Anchorage’s Leading Oral Surgeons Share 10 Dental Hygiene Tips, Anchorage, Alaska

While you may be aware of how important it is to keep your teeth healthy, you probably don’t know all the best methods to go about doing so. To help you improve your dental hygiene, Anchorage’s best oral surgeons at Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska have compiled a list of 10 helpful tips everyone should follow.

Here’s how to improve your oral hygiene—and your health:

  • Start An Oral Care Routine Early: It’s ideal to start a dental care routine from a young age. If you have children, teaching them to floss and brush their teeth sets the foundation for good lifelong oral health.
  • Brush & Floss Daily: Dentists and oral surgeons recommend brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. Also, replace your toothbrush about every three months to achieve the best results.
  • Get Sealants: To help protect the surface of your molar teeth, it’s a smart idea to get sealants. When particles of food and bacteria get stuck in the grooves of your teeth, it can lead to cavities and tooth decay—sealants create a barrier to prevent this from happening.
  • Use Fluoride: Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay. Some cities use fluoride in their drinking water—however, if yours does not, you can visit your dentist for a fluoride treatment.
  • Rinse With Water: If you don’t have access to a toothbrush after a meal, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash to remove extra food particles that may stick to your teeth. Chewing sugar-free gum can also help.
  • Oral surgeonPrevent Tooth Injuries: Aside from plaque and bacteria, injuries can also jeopardize your oral health. When playing sports, it’s always a good idea to wear mouth guards or helmets when possible.
  • Don’t Smoke Or Chew Tobacco: Smoking and chewing tobacco are by far two of the worst things for your teeth. Not only do they cause tooth stains, but they increase your chances of gum disease and oral cancer.
  • Eat Healthy: Your teeth and gums need proper nutrition to stay healthy, so it’s important to get the right amount of nutrients in your diet. Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, dairy, and protein.
  • Avoid Sugar: Sugar has a tendency to erode tooth enamel, which makes you more susceptible to cavities and decay. Limit the amount of sugary foods and drinks you consume. Additionally, you should also avoid sticky candies and carbonated drinks.
  • Visit Your Dentist Regularly: Aside from at-home dental care, it’s important to visit your dentist for routine exams. A visit once a year will likely do, however, some dentists recommend their patients come in more frequently.

For more tips on caring for your teeth, or to make an appointment with an oral surgeon, call the Anchorage office at (907) 561-1430. To learn more about Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska’s services, including teeth extractions, jaw surgery, and cosmetic dental care procedures, visit their website.

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