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3 Benefits of Computer-Generated Master Key Systems From Expert Commercial Locksmiths May 13, 2016

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3 Benefits of Computer-Generated Master Key Systems From Expert Commercial Locksmiths, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If you manage an office or residential building in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, you might want to invest in a master key system. The mobile commercial locksmiths at Ability Lock & Key suggest that having a master key system will change the way you think about security and convenience.

Here are some of the benefits of a computer-generated master key system:

  • commercial locksmithConvenience: It used to be that security and convenience were mutually exclusive. That is, if you wanted security, you needed to have a separate key for every lock. However, that is extremely inconvenient when you're responsible for hundreds of separate units. With a master key system, however, you can access multiple locks with only one key. These local commercial locksmiths can make it easier than ever for you to manage a large building with a computer-generated master key system.
  • Security & Accountability: While it may seem counter-intuitive that having one key with access to multiple locks is secure, the hierarchical keying structure that makes up master key systems is very unique and versatile. For example, you might have one key that opens every lock in your building, however, you only entrust it to yourself. Then, you can have another key that opens every lock on the first floor, and another that opens the second floor locks, giving those to different employees. That way, your building is still secure and each key is accountable for its own area.
  • Mobile Service: One of the best parts about getting your master key system from Ability Lock & Key is that their commercial locksmith service is completely mobile, so they will come to you when you need help. Since their master key systems are computer-generated, your local commercial locksmith does fast and accurate work, whether you need to rekey your building or create a new zone.

Need a new high-security master key system near High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem or Kernersville, NC? Give Ability Lock & Key a call at (336) 784-0226 for a quote. You can also visit them online to see a full list of their services.

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