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Restaurant Equipment & Appliance Maintenance Tips From Tech-24 April 22, 2016

Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach County
Restaurant Equipment & Appliance Maintenance Tips From Tech-24, Virginia Beach, Virginia

When you’re a small restaurant business, you rely heavily on the condition of your kitchen appliances. Luckily, the highly trained equipment service professionals over at Tech-24 provide appliance repair and equipment service. If your restaurant equipment isn’t working properly or stops working altogether, you may have to close your doors and wait until the appliance repair company comes before you’re back in business.

Tech-24's experts have a few preventative maintenance tips to keep you from needing expensive kitchen appliance repairs: 

  • restaurant equipmentRefrigeration: Make sure you’re checking your refrigerator’s temperature and defrost frequency settings often. Keeping these appliances too warm or too cold can not only spoil your food faster, but it can also wear on the life of the system and cause you to replace it sooner than you plan to.
  • Fryer: Fryers can be one of the dirtiest and most dangerous pieces of restaurant equipment if not cared for properly. To avoid gas leaks leading to possible explosions, it’s recommended to test your fryer for leaks by spraying a soap-based cleaner on the gas hose and gas connections, watching for bubbles. If you see bubbles, there is a leak. It’s also a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to boil out your fryer’s tank at least once a week to avoid fat and carbon deposits from building up.

Aside from these routine check-ups you can perform on your own restaurant equipment, Tech-24 offers customized preventative maintenance programs to assist you in avoiding costly restaurant appliance repair. Their highly-skilled, licensed, and insured technicians offer maintenance on everything from coffee and tea brewers and fountain machines to walk-in freezers, coolers, and dishwashers. These preventative maintenance programs will cost you far less in the long run than major restaurant equipment repairs.

Visit Tech-24 online today to see how their prompt and knowledgeable equipment service team can help you keep your restaurant appliances up and running.  

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