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Winston-Salem’s Mobile Locksmiths Explain the Benefits of High Security Keys April 14, 2016

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Winston-Salem’s Mobile Locksmiths Explain the Benefits of High Security Keys , Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If your automobile has a high security key, you may be wondering about its benefits. High security locks are quality security devices that are low-maintenance and burglar-proof, meaning your vehicle is secure from car theft and break-ins. The best mobile locksmith in Winston-Salem, NC, Ability Lock & Key, explains some of the benefits of having a car with a high security key.

While you can add a high-security key for your automobile if it does not already have one,  a few of the advantages of having one come with your car, including: 

  • High Security KeyState-of-the-Art Technology: While standard auto keys are made with common materials that can be duplicated or picked easily, high security keys are crafted with advanced technology that secures your vehicle from theft. Without this key's specific security code, no one can start the car and steal it.
  • Burglar-Proof Design: When you own a vehicle with standard locks, you've probably noticed they're easy to pick or bump open. Equipped with proper security measures to protect your belongings from theft, high security locks are virtually impossible to bust. In fact, the only people who can complete lock-out services for these systems are either the car's manufacturer or a highly trained mobile locksmith, like Ability Lock & Key.
  • Patent-Protected: The major difference between high security keys and standard lock systems is that the former comes with a utility patent, provided by the manufacturer, which restricts unauthorized individuals from rekeying them. This means that only certified, licensed locksmiths can perform any rekeying if you lose your keys.

Whether you need rekeying or lock-out services, contact the premier mobile locksmith in the Piedmont Triad area. Call Ability Lock & Key at (336) 784-0226 today. Visit them online for more details about their services.

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