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Get Legal Help for State & Federal Cases With Hartford's Experienced Attorney April 12, 2016

Hartford, Hartford, CT
Get Legal Help for State & Federal Cases With Hartford's Experienced Attorney, Hartford, Connecticut

When you need an experienced attorney to handle state and federal cases on your behalf, reach out to Weingast Law in Hartford, CT, for immediate assistance. Attorney Jeremy N. Weingast helps clients who may be suffering from serious injuries after an accident, those who are involved in a custody battle, and those who have been charged with a crime. When you or a family member is in trouble, you need to turn to a lawyer you can count on during this difficult time. 

Here are three ways Weingast Law can assist you with state and federal cases:

  • Criminal Law Cases: If your teenager has been convicted of a crime or you have been charged with a drug offense, you must speak with an attorney immediately. Attorney Weingast can handle all types of criminal law cases and has advanced experience in this area since he is a former Hartford City Prosecutor. He helps those accused of white collar crimes and has also managed juvenile crime cases.
  • state and federal casesFamily Law: When you are going through the divorce process or need help fighting for child support, you can turn to Attorney Weingast to represent you in family law court. He offers legal advice and guidance for navigating issues surrounding foster children, guardianship rights, alimony, and post-judgement matters related to your case.
  • Personal Injury: Being involved in an accident can be a complicated and stressful situation. You need to work with an experienced attorney to help you file a claim and ensure your rights are protected during the litigation process. Attorney Weingast handles cases related to auto accidents, workplace injuries, and wrongful death.

Weingast Law in Hartford, CT, is prepared to handle all state and federal cases and will work to resolve your case as soon as possible. Call (860) 233-1440 today for your private consultation, or visit the website to learn more about the services offered, as well as the person-to-person approach Attorney Weingast takes for each case. 

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