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Perk Up Your Smile With Teeth Whitening Tips From Ripon’s Dental Experts April 1, 2016

Ripon, Fond du Lac
Perk Up Your Smile With Teeth Whitening Tips From Ripon’s Dental Experts, Ripon, Wisconsin

Teeth whitening is an easy way to not only brighten your smile, but also your entire appearance. Hillside Dental Associates in Ripon, WI, is always happy to welcome patients both new and old to their practice and inform them about this cosmetic dentistry procedure. But before you jump into the dentist’s chair, there are a few details these dental experts would like you to know about teeth whitening in general.

Here are a few tips on teeth whitening from Hillside Dental Associates:

  • teeth whiteningGo To A Pro: Teeth whitening is by now a common and completely safe procedure when done in a dental office. Whitening is done through a process known as oxygenation, in which a whitening product penetrates the tooth’s enamel to break apart stains. The results you’ll get from whitening procedures done at a dentist’s office will be safer and more effective than the “do it yourself” kits.
  • Consider Different Options: Hillside Dental Associates offers a variety of products for teeth whitening, which can accommodate different budgets. Procedures also can vary depending on how quickly you want to whiten your teeth and how drastic a difference you are seeking.
  • Invest In An Electric Toothbrush: A good electric toothbrush can be more effective than the old-fashioned alternative at keeping your teeth clean and white. Ask your dentist for a professional recommendation.
  • Reevaluate Your Oral Hygiene Products: There are many toothbrushes, flosses, and rinses designed to support a whiter smile on the market. Talk to your dentist about what products can help you maintain your freshly whitened look between whitening sessions.
  • Expect To Repeat Your Teeth Whitening: The better you take care of your teeth, the longer the results will last. However, the wear and tear of daily life — including habits like coffee, tea, and cigarettes — will eventually dull your smile. Whitening is not permanent, and you’ll want to repeat the procedure again at some point. Exactly when is up to you!

If you’re in the Ripon area and want to find out more about teeth whitening, give this dental office a call to make an appointment at (920) 748-6122. You can also visit Hillside Dental Associates online to find out more about the dental procedures offered at the office.

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