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Why Scrap Metal? Discover The Hidden Treasure Inside Your Home April 11, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
Why Scrap Metal? Discover The Hidden Treasure Inside Your Home , Rochester, New York

Most people who dump their unwanted metal items don't realize the money they are losing. Recycling scrap metal is not only better for the environment, but can also benefit your pocket in a big way. Metalico Rochester offers scrap metal pick up services, and reminds us that there are many reasons to recycle metal waste. Here are a few key things to know if you are considering scrapping.

  • The Environmental Impact: Recycling scrap metal is much more eco-friendly. Many times we don't realize the risk of leaching toxic chemicals into our groundwater at landfill sites. Also, the amount of scrap aluminum wasted each month is enough to rebuild the entire US air fleet. By recycling your metal you not only save money, but you can also help the planet.
  • What Metal Can I Recycle?: Almost everything. Have you recently replaced your door knobs? Any unused appliances lying around the house? Metalico Rochester will take these items off your hands and they'll even pay for it. Many people find the rubbish removal process to be addicting, because it leads to a cleaner and more organized home.


  • How Does Metal Recycling Work?: It's very easy. If you are getting rid of unwanted metal items you can do so by scheduling a pick up or dropping it off at a metal processing location.

Metalico Rochester offers convenient access and quick payment. Metal recycling also contributes to a cleaner home, saves the environment and preserves vital natural resources. To get your metal junk out of your home call them at (585) 436-0713 today.

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