Touro College GST Event Recap: ‘Career Night: Tomorrow Is Too Late. Getting A Job & Keeping It!’ (Published in NoMad, Manhattan)

Interviews may be a necessary experience of adulthood, but they are certainly never fun. Even the most dedicated and hardworking candidates may be unintentionally sabotaging their efforts by not properly executing their interview or poorly constructing their cover letter and resume. It’s often difficult to know what one is doing wrong without constructive feedback from experienced individuals.

On the evening of April 10th, Touro College Graduate School of Technology hosted “Career Night: Tomorrow Is Too Late. Getting a Job and Keeping it!” After a nutritious supper to start off the meeting well, Dean Issac Herskowitz introduced communications expert Steven Schwartz, a graduate school professor who teaches Job Search and Interviewing Techniques to students at the top universities in New York City. The topics presented for Career Night included cover letter and resume preparation, elevator speeches, interviewing, and follow-up skills.

Along with Steven Schwartz’s presentation, faculty and students of Touro College Graduate School of Technology came together for the media portion of the evening, which consisted of two education videos regarding the right and wrong ways to behave during an interview.

“Get Hired Interview,” filmed by Graduate School of Technology professor Jesse Epstein and acted by Web & Multimedia graduate program student Einav Troim, displayed a mock interview of a candidate who acts appropriately during an interview and shows her worth as a potential employee. This video was contrasted to “Never Get Hired Interview,” which featured an interview in which the prospective employee (played masterfully by Web & Multimedia Design graduate program student, Marach Treekunprapa) did everything wrong, such as coming in late and not having a resume on hand.

Those who attended the event gained a great deal of valuable knowledge that will help with future job hunts in the most competitive industries. As the top technology school in New York City, Touro College Graduate School of Technology works extensively to help all students to gain an edge in their career search with relevant courses, hands-on education, and skill-developing workshops.

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