Pelican Bay, Florida

Relieve Stress in 21 Days With Stress Anxiety Buster by Peggy Sealfon of Stonewater Studio March 1, 2016

Pelican Bay, Naples
Relieve Stress in 21 Days With Stress Anxiety Buster by Peggy Sealfon of Stonewater Studio , Naples, Florida

For many people, stress is a part of everyday life. With so many responsibilities to juggle on a daily basis and the pressure to do it all, it’s easy to allow stress to take control of your physical and mental state before you even realize what’s happening. That's why learning to recognize when you’re starting to feel stressed and seeking help when you need it is so important. The personal life coach, international speaker, and author Peggy Sealfon of Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio has set out to help people from all walks of life relieve stress and anxiety to live a more peaceful existence.

relieve stress

Her latest professional release is a 21-day program called Stress Anxiety Buster, offered online at In it, Peggy Sealfon uses her expertise to teach people stress-reducing techniques that will allow them to regain control over their own well-being. In just three short weeks, you will discover how valuable it can be to practice pausing your productivity, reconnect with your inner power, and use techniques that will help you calm down.

Priced at only $24.99, this 21-day plan is designed to fit anyone’s budget. It requires just six minutes a day to complete during the first week and 10 minutes a day for the remainder of the program. Devoting a small amount of time to something that will teach you how to relieve stress for years to come is well worth the commitment.

Everyone should be given the chance to learn how to relieve stress and live a calm, peaceful life. With this affordable program, you will have the opportunity to do just that. Call Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio at (239) 821-2266 or visit the life coach online for more information. 

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