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3 Tips for Determining Appliance Repair or Replacement From the Best Equipment Service February 23, 2016

Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach County
3 Tips for Determining Appliance Repair or Replacement From the Best Equipment Service, Virginia Beach, Virginia

When it comes to commercial kitchen appliances, every consumer knows wear and tear are a natural part of the process. While most appliances are equipped with a one-year “limited warranty,” the average kitchen appliances have a wide-ranging life span of 5 to 15 years, which leaves a lot of room for breakdowns, repairs, and more breakdowns. After several kitchen appliance repairs, you may find yourself facing a dilemma: should you repair or replace? Tech-24, a commercial kitchen equipment installation and maintenance service, has a few tips to help you decide whether it's time for a repair or an upgrade.

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  • Keep Track of Repair Costs: Tech 24 can keep a log of how much you’re spending on those refrigeration repairs and is a great way to assess whether it’s time for a brand new refrigeration equipment installation. A great rule of thumb is to never spend more money on repairs than you have on the equipment itself. In addition, if you find yourself in a situation where an appliance repair is only slightly less than the cost of brand new equipment, it may be wise to consider investing in the newer equipment, which usually comes with a warranty.
  • How Is The Performance?: No one expects 10-year-old equipment to work as well as it did on its first run, but if you notice a significant difference in performance despite several repairs, it's time to toss your old equipment and splurge on something more reliable from Tech-24.
  • Cost Efficiency: The world of technology is ever evolving, and trying to keep up with the latest gadgets can quickly put a large dent in your wallet. However, if you’re constantly having to repair an item costing you a fortune in both service and utility bills, opting for a newer, energy efficient item is a wise decision.

A preventative maintenance plan is a great way to prevent costly equipment repairs and replacements, but the truth is every appliance has a life cycle of its own. Tech-24 is willing to assist with every aspect of the journey. The company specializes in a broad range of services such as food equipment Installation, commercial equipment repair, and preventative maintenance. 

The company is currently home to over 485 trained technicians and gigantic parts stores, excelling in both quality and promptness when delivering your restaurant equipment. For more information about the equipment service provided by Tech-24, visit their website and find a location near you! Don't wait until your next refrigerator repair; jump aboard today!

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