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3-D Bail Bonds Explains How Immigration Bail Bonds Help Undocumented Immigrants February 19, 2016

3-D Bail Bonds Explains How Immigration Bail Bonds Help Undocumented Immigrants, ,

Time is of the essence when your friend or family member is arrested for immigration reasons. If your loved one needs a reliable bonding service in the Hartford, CT, area, count on 3-D Bail Bonds for help. 3-D Bail Bonds provides professional bail bond services you can count on to get incarcerated people out of jail. Their team of bail bondsmen is available at any time of day, even on weekends and holidays, to free your loved one as fast as possible.


If your loved one is arrested for an immigration-related reason, an immigration bond is needed to free the detained person from jail until their court date. The bond amount is based on certain risk factors, including the incarcerated person’s immigration status, prior criminal background, employment status, and presence of family members in the U.S. The bond amount can range from $1,500 to over $10,000 depending on the risk factors, including the detainee’s flight risk.

There are two types of immigration bonds available to help undocumented immigrants: delivery bonds and voluntary departure bonds. Delivery bonds are issued to make sure the detainees attend all immigration hearings, allowing the person to be with their family and speak to an immigration lawyer prior to the court hearing. Voluntary departure bonds give detainees the option to leave the country at their expense. The bond money will be refunded only if the detainee leaves the country.

Call 3-D Bail Bonds at (860) 247-2245 for a free quote and consultation, or visit 3-D Bail Bonds online to connect with a bail bondsman. Rely on their professional services to free your loved one from jail as quickly as possible.

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