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Honolulu’s Experts Explain the Basics of Your Plumbing System February 15, 2016

Kaimuki, Honolulu
Honolulu’s Experts Explain the Basics of Your Plumbing System, Honolulu, Hawaii

For many homeowners, their plumbing system may seem like a complicated organization of pipes and valves, but it really isn’t. When you know the basics of how your plumbing works, you are better able to realize when problems like pipe leaks or clogged drains are occurring and can call a professional plumber. To help out, Fast Rooter Plumbing in Honolulu, HI, have provided a simple overview of the main components of your system.

Essentially, your plumbing is split into two systems: one that brings fresh water into your house, and another that takes used water away. The first is called the potable water supply, and it flows from your local water treatment plant or personal well into your home through your pipes. Some of this will run into your water heater to be warmed while the rest goes straight to your faucets for direct use. The main water valve will usually be placed in your basement so that you or a professional plumber can turn the entire system on and off during repairs or prevent flooding from a burst pipe. Smaller valves around the property will only shut off certain areas. The water meter outside of your home tells you how much water you use from month to month.


Once you have used water, you also need a way to get rid of it. While certain pipes bring clean water into your home, other pipes drain out the waste, using gravity to help move the water to your septic system. The u-shaped pipe underneath every drain is called a drain trap and must constantly be filled with water so that backflow and sewer gasses don’t enter the house. A drain vent on top of your roof allows air to enter your drain pipes to make sure that the wastewater heads down in the correct direction toward the septic tanks. From there, it will go back to the ground or to a water plant for further treatment.

Although this short guide covers the basics of your plumbing system, most homeowners should hire a professional whenever they have a serious problem such as a broken pipe or backflow. When your plumbing system stops working, call Fast Rooter Plumbing in Honolulu at (808) 734-4938. You can also visit their website for more information on plumbing tips and repairs.

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