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Reduce The Stress & Cost of Your Move by Pre-Planning With M. Dyer & Sons August 2, 2013

Pearl City, Ewa
Reduce The Stress & Cost of Your Move by Pre-Planning With M. Dyer & Sons, Ewa, Hawaii

Without even intending it to happen, a person's home becomes cluttered with less-than useful items over the years. A move to a new home is the perfect time to clean the cupboards, organize and dispose of items that you have not used over the past few years.

According to M. Dyer & Sons, Hawaii’s source for moving services, expenses are based on the manpower, materials and transportation costs to pack, transport, deliver and unpack your household goods. The more items a family moves, the higher the cost will inevitably be.

The moving company recommends that families separate their useful items from junk items. If you start to organize one room per evening, leaving the garage as a full day project, you will naturally dispose of clothing that no longer fits, linen that no longer matches your taste, or the collection of cookbooks that you no longer use as all your favorite recipes are now stored on your computer.

As the weight and number of items moving decreases, the cost of relocating from one home to another will also decrease. Families can also save extra money before their move by planning a garage sale or donating items to charity, thus alleviating their moving load.

Decide if your current furniture will match the style and dimensions of your new home before you arrange for a move. It may be the perfect time to donate your five year old mattress or dining set and buy a new one to be delivered straight to your new home! When moving internationally or to the Mainland, the cost involved may be more than the actual value of certain bulkier appliances or pieces of furniture.

Call Hawaii’s top moving company for a free no-obligation consultation. The friendly team of M. Dyer & Sons will help you get organized and work to reduce the cost and stress of your next move!

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