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Omaha's Leading Irrigation System Service on Maintenance & Care During Winter February 3, 2016

Chalco, Sarpy
Omaha's Leading Irrigation System Service on Maintenance & Care During Winter, Chalco, Nebraska

USA Hoich Irrigation is the leading irrigation system service in Omaha, Nebraska. Their team of skilled technicians specializes in lawn irrigation, sprinkler repair and installation, and general grounds maintenance throughout Nebraska. They recognize that winter is a time of year when your yard doesn’t require as much attention, as the yard is dormant and much of the landscape doesn’t need water. However, there are still things you can do to maintain your yard during the winter months and protect your irrigation system from winter damage. Here are a few recommendations from USA Hoich Irrigation:

  • Winterize Your Sprinkler System: Water left in your sprinkler heads, valves, and pipes will freeze. Be sure to remove all water from your irrigation system by utilizing either the manual drain valve method, the automatic drain valve method, or the compressed air blow-out method.
  • irrigationSpot Watering: Rather than running your sprinkler system for just a few plants that require additional water during winter, spot water them instead.
  • Run Your Sprinkler: You won’t need to turn it on very often, as most of your landscape is dormant or receives water from natural winter precipitation. However, completely shutting down your irrigation system can lead to stagnate material that can build up over time and contaminate the pipes. Run your sprinkler system at least once a month for approximately two minutes per station to prevent winter damage to your irrigation system. 

When winter is in full swing, you can’t neglect your irrigation system. If your sprinkler system is in need of repair or you need more advice on taking care of your yard during the winter months, call (402) 896-5899 to speak to a representative at Omaha's most reliable irrigation system service, USA Hoich Irrigation.

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