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Frozen Locks? Follow These Tips From Forsyth County’s Best Mobile Locksmiths February 4, 2016

Winston-Salem, Forsyth
Frozen Locks? Follow These Tips From Forsyth County’s Best Mobile Locksmiths, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The frigid North Carolina winter is a recipe for frozen locked doors. Waiting to gain access to your locked car or home may feel like standing in a long line to get your driver’s license renewed—but if you live in Forsyth County, there's an easier solution. That is why Ability Lock & Key, a family-owned mobile locksmith business in North Carolina, is considered the go-to emergency locksmith for locked or frozen doors. 

There are a variety of ways to unfreeze locks once it has frozen. Here, the commercial and residential locksmith professionals offer some tips:

  • Mobile locksmithFrozen Car Door Locks: When water gets in the locks and the temperature drops below 32 degrees, they freeze up. By spraying de-icer products on the lock, the key should fit well right away. If that doesn’t work, call an emergency locksmith. Ability Lock & Key will make sure you're out of the cold quickly with the fastest mobile locksmiths in the state. 
  • Frozen Commercial & Residential Door Locks: It’s a hassle to come home to a frozen door lock. Vaseline makes it easier to unlock a frozen door, however, it may not work as effectively as specially-designed de-icer products. For suggestions on which products are the most reliable solutions to frozen locks, talk to the trusted mobile locksmiths at Ability Lock & Key.

Ability Lock & Key provides the most convenient emergency locksmith services in Forsyth County, and they also help customers who have lost their keys and need to have transponder keys programmed or replaced. They provide services throughout the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville areas. Additionally, their expert locksmiths help customers install new locks, so you can improve the security of your property to keep your family and employees safe.

If your lock freezes and you can't get it open, let a mobile locksmith from Ability Lock & Key come to the rescue and bring you in from the cold. Visit Ability Lock & Key online to see all of the services they offer, or contact them at (336) 784-0226

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