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Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service, Inc.

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Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service, Inc. is Charlotte, NC's premier plumbing repair company. Founded in 1992 by two experienced plumbers, this family-owned and operated business is known all over the Charlotte area for providing home and commercial property owners with top-notch plumbing services. If you're experiencing problems with your plumbing system, there's only one contractor to call for fast and reliable service—Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service, Inc.

For nearly 25 years, Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service, Inc. has remained committed to their original mission: to provide honest, affordable plumbing repairs to the local community. Starting with only three trucks and an office staffed by their immediate family, these licensed technicians wasted no time building a reputation for themselves unmatched by their competitors. Today, they boast an A+ rating with the BBB and an overwhelmingly positive amount of reviews on Angie's List, serving as proof of their flawless track record and overall rapport with their clientele.

Offering comprehensive plumbing repair services, Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service, Inc. can fix anything in your house or office, from bathroom fixtures and sump pumps to leaky pipes and clogged drains. Utilizing the industry's most advanced equipment in residential and commercial plumbing, these certified contractors can inspect, diagnose, and repair any aspect of your system from the foundation of your home to the shower head in your bathroom, keeping your property safe from costly water damage.

With 24/7 emergency services, it's easy to see why Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service, Inc. is the best residential and commercial plumbing repair company in Charlotte. To find out more, visit them online or call today at (704) 598-2900. You can also like them on Facebook for news and updates.

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