Oakland, California

Pilates 580

A Studio Dedicated to Core Empowerment

Pilates 580

1955 Mountain Blvd, #103
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 338-3932
Pilates 580, Pilates, Health and Beauty, Oakland, California

Exercise is a necessary, empowering element in any self-care regimen. If you are searching for an innovative, inspiring workout that will transform your body and mind, look no further; the dedicated, caring instructors at Pilates 580 are excited to bring you life-changing Pilates classes. Based in Oakland, CA, and serving California’s gorgeous Alameda County, practicing Pilates has never been more convenient.

Pilates 580 is not just any Pilates studio. Here, you will learn how to care for your body in an intimate, personal setting; all classes are kept small. With no more than seven people per class, you will be able to explore the benefits of Pilates in a restorative environment. At the end of each class, you will feel balanced and rejuvenated.

Additionally, Pilates 580 offers private Pilates classes as well as duet sessions. All Pilates equipment is top of the line, and all classes—including traditional mat and tower classes—are taught by classically trained instructors. At Pilates 580, you get the real deal.

So if you are searching for Pilates classes held in an encouraging, kind, and mindful environment, Pilates 580 is the studio for you. To learn more about Pilates 580 in Oakland, visit them online, on Facebook, or call (510) 338-3932. Get ready to feel empowered! 

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