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When you light up your world with LeVeck Lighting Products & Maintenance, you're placing your trust in an environmentally-mindful company with a powerful vision. Based in Tipp City, Ohio, LeVeck Lighting Products & Maintenance works with businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions as an intelligent, reliable adviser for green energy systems, lighting upgrades, light bulbs, light fixtures, and more.

Since 1977, these professionals have been providing your community with comprehensive lighting solutions, including lighting retrofits, on-call sign and lighting maintenance, energy-efficient lighting programs, and more. LeVeck Lighting Products & Maintenance strives to be the most-trusted lighting adviser in the Midwest, and they are committed to placing their customers’ needs first. It’s no secret that this full-service lighting contractor will exceed your expectations.

LeVeck Lighting Products & Maintenance offers pricing to fit any budget, and they stock a wide variety of lighting products. From LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps to halogens and black lights, this contractor will provide you with the lighting options to serve every purpose. LeVeck Lighting Products & Maintenance even provides their customers with Christmas lights and decorative bulbs!

Are you ready to transform your space with the most helpful, intelligent, and innovative lighting adviser in Tipp City, Ohio? Now is the perfect time to find the perfect lighting solutions for your home or business. To learn more about how LeVeck Lighting Products & Maintenance can light up your world, visit them online, on Facebook, or call (937) 667-4421 today. 

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