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Joy K. Lunan DDS

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Joy K. Lunan DDS, Dentists, Health and Beauty, Middlebury, Connecticut

Joy K. Lunan DDS provides high-quality cosmetic and family dentistry to patients in Middlebury, CT. Dr. Lunan and her team are dedicated to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of every smile, using tried-and-true techniques, like teeth cleaning, and advanced procedures, including dental implants. The cosmetic dentist has more than 20 years of experience optimizing oral health.

Unlike other dentists, Joy Lunan DDS strives to provide dental health care that goes beyond basic disease care through thorough exams and state of the art technology. In addition to teeth cleanings, flossings, sealants, and fluoride treatments, routine visits include meticulous inspections for teeth and gum disease in order to prevent minor issues from becoming major infections. 

The dentist also checks for oral cancer using the VELScope Oral Assessment System, a sophisticated screening technique, and offers Schick digital X-rays when necessary. Joy Lunan DDS combines long-established dental treatments with the latest technology in the industry to maximize oral health.

Once your mouth is healthy, Joy Lunan DDS will focus on creating the gorgeous smile that you deserve. The cosmetic dentist removes stains through safe and effective teeth whitening treatments. She will also offer more involved procedures, like dental implants, porcelain veneers, and dentures to make your smile sparkle. With thousands of hours of continuing education in dentistry under her belt, Joy Lunan DDS is one of the most trusted dentists in the region.

Joy Lunan DDS and her team pride themselves on providing the best dental care for the entire family. To schedule a consultation for teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, or treatment for gum disease, call (203) 598-7920 or visit the practice's website

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