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The Victors Gymnastics

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At The Victors Gymnastics, their motto is "Lifting Kids Up to Excellence!" Through their award-winning gymnastics and cheerleading programs, they seek to create an environment that promotes fitness, health, and wellness for the kids of Greece, NY.

Since their founding in 1999, The Victors Gym has been the premier private gymnastics facility in northwest Monroe County. As a USA Gymnastics Member Club, they offer safe, supportive, and fun classes for boys and girls ages 2 years and up.

Their cutting-edge gymnastics facility has more than 17,000 square feet of space that includes all the essential equipment. They have vaults, bars, balance beams, pommel horses, rings, and in-ground foam pits— everything that will keep kids active as they tackle new physical challenges.

For the youngest kiddos, The Victors' Tumble Bunny Gymnastics program offers 8-week sessions for children ages up to 4 years old. These playful tumbling classes focus on learning through movement and fun activities in a non-competitive environment. Through physical fitness children reinforce preschool skills as they build self-esteem, face new challenges, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

For children ages 5 years and up, the gymnastics classes offer 

girls and boys a progressive teaching approach for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. The Victors Gym structures each class with a warm-up before they begin to learn a new skill, ensuring students know what to expect. Their disciplined, yet supportive classes help kids improve their flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination— all while having fun and making friends!

The Victors Gym also hosts a variety of special programs and events. Every Friday night from September through June is Open Gym, where kids and adults can try a variety of fun gymnastics activities. Their Preschool Field Trips introduce young children to gymnastics through an introductory tumbling class. They also throw Gymnastics Birthday Parties for kids ages 5 to 12, which include over an hour of active games with trampolines, foam pits, parachutes and more.

If you want your energetic child to develop healthy and active habits, give the gymnastics classes at The Victors Gymnastics a try. Check them out on Facebook to view pictures of their amazing facility. Visit them online to learn more about their wide range of programs, and call (585) 663-4810 to schedule an introductory class.

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