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With over 35 years of experience, Positano Plumbing Inc. is the Bristol, CT area's best choice for affordable plumbing services. They're a family-owned and operated business that treats each customer like one of their own, whether they're needed for an emergency or a planned renovation. Their staff is fully licensed and insured, and their service is prompt, friendly, and thorough, regardless of the situation.

Positano's plumbing services cover everything your home could possibly need, from emergencies like basement flooding and frozen pipes to more routine repairs like drain cleanings, sump pumps, and toilets and sinks. They also offer preventative maintenance, including leak detection, and full piping and water heater installations.

And Positano Plumbing doesn't stop there! If you have any bathroom remodeling plans, they can handle those projects, too. They'll install custom showers, toilets and sinks, water lines, and even drywall, all while keeping within your budget. The same goes for kitchen remodeling; they'll install new sinks, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and even ice makers, along with all the piping and fixtures your kitchen might need.

Positano Plumbing also services and replaces water heaters, and will even remove your old water heater before replacing it with an energy-efficient A.O. Smith model. They can also install tankless water heaters and Energy Savers, should you prefer those. 

Whenever you need plumbing installation, repairs, or replacements, call Positano Plumbing Inc. Call them today at (860) 584-0012, or visit their website for more information.

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