Kahului, Hawaii

Plantation Grindz

Plantation Grindz

70 Lono Ave
Kahului, HI 96732
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Plantation Grindz serves up the best Filipino food on Maui. From local favorites like loco moco, white rice and macaroni salad to shrimp tempura, pancit and banana lumpia, this Kahului Filipino restaurant is frequented by regulars and loved by visitors for its delicious plate lunches.

Whether you want a snack or a full meal, Plantation Grindz is open and cooking delicious food for you from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For lunch and dinner, this local restaurant has a variety of prepared and made-to-order foods, like shoyu chicken, fried fish and squid luau. For breakfast, the restaurant makes scrambled eggs and meat, with choices like Spam, bacon, sausage, longanisa or ham, served with a side of rice. There is even bubble tea for a refreshing drink. And if you want a cheeseburger, hamburger steak or loco moco, you can get these tasty favorites any time of day.

Swing by on your way to work for breakfast at Plantation Grindz and order the Spam and eggs with rice. Take some time out of your afternoon and meet up with your friends for lunch. Grab a cheeseburger with crinkle fries, served on a fresh bun with lettuce, onion and tomato, and then wash it all down with a canned juice or soda. For dinner, pick up a feast for your family––order chow fun or fried rice, and get the shrimp tempura and chicken katsu. Want something special to top off a perfect Filipino meal? Try the halo halo for dessert.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to experience this local gem. Give Plantation Grindz a call today at (808) 873-3663.

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