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Family-owned-and-operated since 1978, B&W Pest Control is the premier exterminating company in the Mobile, AL area. The company has been keeping Mobile and the surrounding Baldwin County's homes pest-free for decades, and prides itself on its excellent approach to pest control. Whether you want to get rid of cockroaches, fleas and ticks or even bed bugs, once you give B&W Pest Control a call, you can be guaranteed that your home is in good hands.

B&W Pest Control is different from other exterminators because the company gives you a price quote directly over the phone, without having the need for you to start a contract. Not only will the skilled staff professionally diagnose the problem, the exterminators will also do their best to try and resolve the problem over the phone, if possible—completely different from companies that try to convince you to spend outrageous sums of money for no reason at all.

If the exterminators determine that you need a home visit, they are quick to arrive and use the most advanced EPA-approved chemical treatments to fix the problem before it gets out of hand. Each treatment is season-specific and uses the most advanced technology to eliminate pests completely.

To take a look at B&W Pest Control's unique approach, visit the website. To schedule a visit or to simply ask for helpful advice, give the team a call anytime at (251) 943-1119 for Foley, (251) 661-9364 for Mobile and (251) 626-0822 for Easter Shore.

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B&W PEST CONTROL Roaches in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama
Once upon a time, B & W was called to a home because of roaches. When the owner answered the door and we went in, the roach droppings odor was a sure sign of a HEAVY more
one pest control story from B& W Pest Control, Mobile, Alabama
On one occasion long ago, We went to a trailer home. We were called because of roaches and mice. It was left open for us as they would be at work. B & W likes to start in more
Why You Should Hire a Professional to Get Rid of Cockroaches, Mobile, Alabama
Cockroaches are a pain to have around, but they’re also a pain to remove. DIY attempts often fail, which is why you should depend on a team of experts to eliminate them for good. If more
B&WPestControl dealing with pests, Mobile, Alabama
Every insect has its own way of surviving as we all know. The trick to winning the battle, since there is a never ending source, we use what is best, the longest lasting. odorless, more
Why pest control in warm climates. fleas, Mobile, Alabama
With all living things whether they are fleas, roaches, bed bugs, or humans, the environment dictates what the species availability to survive or how well it survives. Freezing more
Can they? The Bubonic Plague was the result of rats carrying fleas and the fleas bit the people, thus infecting the person. Rats and mice do not have a bladder, therefore they more
There are a lot of brands of roach “spray” on the market. Can the home owner win a battle with a roach infestation?????? Maybe, but a high cost in $$$$$$.  The odds are not in more
More often than not, fleas and ticks find their way into homes by way of host animals like dogs, cats, rats, and other rodents. To help prevent their presence in your residence, B & more
We get calls from people needing roach control from an exterminator. Since we price over the phone, we can price and give what is needed for their individual situation. We’ll first more
On hard rains over a period of time, ants home is flooded. Where can we go? UP is the most logical. Once the ants reach better shelter, they may choose to stay. Exterminators with more
What makes bed bugs hard to get rid of????? Exterminating for these and most other pests, is dealing with mother nature. Knowing the life cycle and habits of the targeted subject, more
Mice and rats are one of the most destructive, disgusting household pests that can invade your home, destroying wiring and breaking into your cupboards. To make matters worse, they more
Fleas can be a tough challenge. Homeowners who try to exterminate can often spend a lot of money with no results. Pest control by a professional is easier on your pocket book and more
Treating an ant problem involves more than spraying all the visible ants in and around your home. According to B & W Pest Control — an exterminator service for the Gulf more
B&W Pest Control only uses chemicals and methods approved by the state and federal guide lines. One of them gives the amount of chemical per gallon of water.  If one uses a more
Did you know that if you see a line of ants or a group of ants, you are only able to see 1/3 of the total population of that particular ant colony no matter the size of the column more
If you have ever had an infestation of fleas, you still remember. Biting fleas transfer worms to pets. Pets can end up dying from so many flea bites. Cats will not get on the more
First of all: Bed Bugs has to be brought into the area of infestation.  Once this has happened, their normal life cycle begins. Soon the population will in large and spread to more
pest control has a multitude of problem “bugs” to combat. Flying insects are in a class different from most crawling insects in as the treatment is different. You can’t treat the more
They are here. I had a call from a truck driver saying he had bed bugs in the cab of his truck. What can I do?  A few tips, is that they had to be carried onto the truck. There more
Nature is so overwhelming. The bugs are so adapted to their  habitats that they survive for millions of years.  Pest control interferes with nature, making their life more
Foley is another city in Baldwin County that is under our umbrella of coverage for pest control. One particular point I like to visit while working in Fairhope,, is the railroad more
Fairhope is a covered city for  & W Pest Control. From apartments, condos, residential, commercial, and all others have been serviced by B & W since 1978. Fairhope more
Mobile , as well as other communities, has a wide range of pest companies. Some are called pest control companies and others ma have pest and termite control. What’s  the more
DAPHNE, in Baldwin County,  Alabama has  pest control  available from several companies. Each has its own personality. That is, their work more
There’s an undeniable satisfaction in completing tasks on your own. Certain situations, however, call for the skilled hand of a professional for many reasons. When it comes to more
Pests are more than a nuisance — they’re a hazard to your health and the integrity of your property. Whatever unwelcome guests have invaded your home, it’s important to call a more
Fleas and ticks are a common concern among pet owners, but what happens when you finally discover them hitching a ride on your canine companion? Knowing how to prevent more
Sometimes, local bugs are outside an exterminator's scope. But a good exterminator can work wonders for major pests, such as ants, cockroaches, mice, and rats — and sometimes for more
Keeping your home safe from pests can seem like a never-ending task. While traditional pest control methods and regular exterminator appointments can keep pests at bay, there are a more
It can be alarming to discover an outbreak of pests inside your home. A pest control treatment performed by a skilled exterminator is a great way to attack the problem head on. more
The best way to deal with bedbugs is by contacting a professional exterminator. This will ensure they are gone before beginning any preventive steps to keep them from returning. more
As the new year gets underway we (people) go about surviving any way we can. So its true with ALL living things. We can be stressed, in peace, mourning, and may different ways we more
Bedbugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Once these pests find their way into your home, they’re impossible to eliminate without help from more
Discovering unwelcome pests on your property can be a real hassle. But if you act fast and contact an exterminator, you can be rid of the problem quickly before it becomes an even more
If you’ve ever had bed bugs in your home, you know what a nightmare it can be to remove them. To help you get rid of these parasitic nuisances once and for all, B & W Pest more
Insects and rodents are two of the most commonly reported pests by homeowners in Gulf Shores, AL, and the surrounding areas. If you suspect an infestation happening in your home, it’ more
Ants are never considered welcome house guests, but when they do manage to infest your home, they can be difficult to remove. B & W Pest Control is the exterminator of more
This has been one of the most followed presidential election in modern times. Good or bad, there is interest with record turnouts all over the country. This is a option so many more
If you have ants on your property, it’s best to call a professional exterminator like B & W Pest Control in Mobile, AL. By leaving the job up to an insect control company, you’ more
The change of seasons is mostly a welcome event. There are bumps in the road with any change. Nature is always aware of environmental changes. Insects and rodents are survivors. So, more
Pests wouldn’t be such pests if they weren’t so notoriously persistent. If pest control were as simple as smashing every mosquito you hear buzzing around your head, there wouldn’t more
No Daphne homeowner wants to be swarmed by any kind of pest. Unfortunately, these nuisances pop up from time to time, taking the form of many different invaders. While some more
After a warming Spring and a hot Summer and hot beginning of Fall, the bugs are at their peak in population for the year. Weather has been very condusive to their multiplying. These more
Often, pest control is something business owners may not consider until a problem presents itself. Yet, the professionals at B & W Pest Control in Mobile, AL, want to more
In fact, they are already here. The larger roaches, tree roach, water bug, palmetto roach, etc, etc  have hit with a very big crop. What ever the environmental conditions since more
Dealing with ants is a challenging problem that can grow worse if the area is left untreated. The insect control professionals at B & W Pest Control are trained and equipped to more
If you see bees near your home, it may mean there’s a hive nearby. In that case, it’s the right time to contact a professional insect control company. But before you take more
In fact, they are already here. The larger roaches, tree roach, water bug, palmetto roach, etc, etc  have hit with a very big crop. What ever the environmental conditions since more
We want to wish the Eastern Shore, Daphne, Al, a special Happy Fourth of July..We wish all a bug less  summer season.  No contract and we price over the phone. Check more
When you go to sleep, the last thing you want to do is let the bedbugs bite — literally. For residents in Mobile and Daphne, AL, there is B & W Pest Control, the local more
Get our price over the phone, THEN ask for military discount for all military personnel past and present for 10%. read more
Thanks for ALL who served as no one job is to small. Thanks for the families of each who sacrificed while their loved one was a away and to the ones whose Great sacrifice for those more
If you are a pet owner, one of the most important things you can do is prevent fleas and ticks from moving into your home. At B & W Pest Control, the expert exterminators more
One of the most asked questions is "can I get this stuff at the store"?  I never asked my doctor or dentist if I can get this at the store.  The tiger mosquito is the type more
Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in the world, but aside from simply being unpleasant, they are also one of the most common allergy triggers in America, according to more
What's that noise in my walls? How do I solve my mosquito problem? Why does my food have nibble marks on it? Rather than putting up with your pest problem for another day, the more
As time stops for o man, were entering the busiest season of the pest control industry. Fleas will usually start off, then, roaches and ants. Everything else will come out as more
Since 1978, B&W Pest Control has been serving the Greater Mobile, AL, area, including Daphne and Gulf Shores, by helping homeowners and business owners treat and prevent more
As the temperature drops, mice and rats invade homes in hopes of finding a warm place to ride out the winter. As Gulf Shores, AL's leading exterminator service, B & W Pest more
Time does move rather fast. Thank all who supported B & W in the previous years, and hope you continue as we sincerely appreciate your business. We can not address a problem more
The holiday season is officially in full swing. Christmas lights are being hung, family dinners are being planned, and holiday shopping lists are coming together. For B & W Pest more
If your home is infested with roaches, ants, bed bugs, or any other kind of pest, there are a lot of exterminators in the Mobile and Gulf Shores area who promise high-quality more
Recently we have been swamped with calls concerning rats. One had droppings in her car with an odor . She had it detailed at a car wash and still found droppings. Another had them more
Does a change in a season make you feel that a change is good? After the heat, Fall is a refreshing time. Are you a leaf peeper? Its hard not to see the change.You also may see a more
B&W Pest Control is Mobile's most trusted extermination company. With over 35 years of experience, these highly trained technicians can rid your home of any insect or animal, more
In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his more
Since last spring, nature has provided the instinctive survival of the species for most of everything,  including home invaders. Warm/hot months are condusive for reproduction, more
Do you have and sink, commode, toilet or any thing that has a drain???  If not used, the water that is in the drain pipe ( the one that makes a loop)  under your sink more
Pest infestations can cause allergies to flare up, and in some rare instances, can cause disease. This is why finding a top-of-the-line exterminator to get rid of cockroaches, bed more
When it comes to ridding your home of pests like ants or bed bugs, it is best to leave the extermination efforts to the professionals. Pest and insect control experts, like those at& more
They have to be brought in.  Simple, but this is the crux of the matter. We know that motels/ hotels/ homes of your kids friends where they sleep over/ laundry mats/ adult more
its no secret that bugs are more of a pest during the spring thru the fall. However, cooler (cold) months will have its bug problems if you heat your home or business. Heat to bugs more
Warm weather is the primary time for reproducing. The environmental conditions are at its best for the species to flourish. When populations are at its peak, food and territory are more
When it comes to household pests, nothing is more disturbing than cockroaches. Their size makes them hard to see, and they can easily get into cabinets and food. No one wants these more